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Giant Pandas in Zoos

Here is a growing list of zoos that currently house Pandas. There are perhaps a couple of dozen Pandas living in zoos inside of China. They can be found in the major cities like Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai. There are a dozen or so Pandas in zoos outside of China.

If you know, of others, please write to us and we will add it here.
United States:
Atlanta, Ga, Two juvenile Pandas arrived in November, 1999. They received a male named Yang Yang and a female named Lun Lun. They are coming on a ten year loan with a renewal option for an additional five years. The Atlanta Zoo is paying $1million per year for the pair.
Red Panda Zoo Tikki and Tembo have been at the Atlanta Zoo since 1997.
Bloomington, Il There is a Red Panda in residence........Kewl!
Bronx Zoo Our latest find is Red Pandas at the Bronx Zoo. See a cute picture at this site!
Cincinnati, Ohio There is a Red Panda exhibit located here.
Cleveland, Ohio Red Pandas make their home here.
Denver, Co. There are Red Pandas in the Denver zoo. A visitor reported to us that the habitat leaves something to be desired, but the pandas were cute.
Greenville, S.C. Home of Red Pandas.
Indianapolis, Indiana Red Pandas are in residence here.
Knoxville, Tn. Since the Red Panda exhibit opened in 1978, there have been over 47 Red Pandas born at this zoo.
Memphis, Tn. Two Pandas, named YaYa and LaLa,  arrived on April 7, 2003. They will stay for ten years.
Philadelphia, Pa.   The Philadelphia zoo has been home to Red Pandas since 1906. They have 30 Red Pandas.
San Diego, Ca. Zoo San Diego Zoo has 3 giant pandas: Bai Yun (F) and Gao Gao(M), and Hua Mei. Hua Mei was born in the San Diego Zoo on 23-08-1999.
Washington, D.C. A new pair of Panda arrived at the National zoo in December, 2000.Tian Tian and Mei Xiang are now on display in their new home to the delight of thousands of visitors.
Perth Zoo They have a pair of Red Pandas called Raja (male) and Rani (female).. According to Colin Wallbank, a zoo authority, the pair of Red Pandas have bred twice, each time the female gave birth to twins. These youngsters have now been moved to other zoo's. One went to Japan.There are no Giant Pandas in Australia or New Zealand.Other Red Pandas are at Adelaide, Auckland, Hamilton, Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington Zoos.
Paris, France Thanks to Philippe who lives in Paris we now can tell you a little about Yen Yen.
Berlin . Berlin Zoologischer Garten in Germany has 2: Bao Bao (M) and Yan Yan (F). Contributed by Alfons Jacobs of Antwerp, Belgium.
Ueno Zoo There are three Pandas named Huan Huan, Tong Tong, and Ling Ling.
Chapultec Zoo Three Pandas are currently in captivity. The San Diego zoo is actively working with this zoo to establish a successful artificial insemination program. There are 3 female giant pandas: Xiu Hua (who was born in 1985 at the zoo), Shuan Shuan (who was born in 1987 at the zoo) and Xin Xin (who was born on 01-07-1990 at the zoo). Includes information contributed by Alfons Jacobs of Antwerp, Belgium.
Rotterdam There are two pairs of Red Pandas located here. As reported by 10 year old Michele van Lopik of Portugaal, Netherlands.
Beijing Zoo Eight pandas there - three in indoor housing and five outdoors
Chengdu Zoo Number and specifics unknown.Can you help with information?
Hong Kong Jiajia (F, 21) and Anan (M, 13) came from Wolong.
Ninjing Zoo There are several Giant Pandas here.
Shanghai Zoo Number and specifics unknown.Can you help with information?
Wolong Center This is a huge reserve for Pandas in China where research on them , including artificial insemination, is going on.

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