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Panda Paw Panda Yen Yen in ParisPanda Paw

Panda Yen Yen

The above picture is courtesy of Parcs Animaliers de France

The Panda living in the zoo of Paris (Vincennes's zoological garden) is

named Yen-Yen. He came in France in 1973 as a gift from China to the French

Nation. It's the oldest giant panda actually known living in the world (in

captivity as in nature). He's eating every day fresh bamboo.


A couple of pandas was given by Mao Tse-Tung (1893-1976) to the french

president Georges Pompidou (1911-1976). The pandas were 2

males, called Yen-Yen and Lily, and not a couple as announced. The 2 animals

would have been captured in the mountains of South West China a little time

before their transfer to France. They went from China to Paris by airplane

the saturday 8 december 1973, locked up in boxes in the back of the plane.

The temperature inside the plane was limited to 20 degrees so as not to perturb the

metabolism of the 2 pandas. The animals arrived sunday 9 decembre 1973 in

the Paris's zoological garden. According to the zoo's keepers, Lily was

unhealthy. Unfortunately, Lily died few weeks later, in january 1974. In all

likelihood, Yen-Yen is now (may 1999) 26 years old.

Source: Philippe  Aquilon Paris, France


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