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We all love these cute little Panda bears. ChinaUnique brings you a plethora of content, information, links and clipart on these most adorable and huggable of creatures. Got a site for us to add? Let us know.

Panda Bear

Panda Bear Statue

In the News:

  • See the Giant Panda pair at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Tian Tian and Mei Xiang can be seen daily in their new home. Over $18M of private funds has been donated. More information.

  • Thanks to a site visitor from Antwerp, Belgium, we have added Berlin Zoo to our list of zoos where pandas reside!

  • Rochester, N.Y. The Seneca Park Zoo announced the planned addition of the Asian Rainforest to it's zoo. It will include Red Pandas.

  • See a picture of Yen Yen from the Paris zoo.

  • We've got information on other pandas, too. Besides the Giant Panda Bear, there is also the Red panda, which is also called the Lesser Panda.

Did You Konw? Giant Panda bears are sometimes referred to as "beasts!


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