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Chinese Holidays

Welcome to the year 4715!

New Years this year falls on January 28, 2017. It is the year of the Rooster Chinese zodiac sign. The Chinese year of the Rooster is a Yin, or negative year. This is the  eventh year of the Chinese Calendar cycle. People born under the sign of the Rooster dedicated,  efficient, and concientious workers. They are forward thinkers, who tend to be flamboyant, yet dignified. They don't hesitate to speak out when they feel the need. Don't be surprised to find that many of the socailites you know were born under the sign of the Rooster.

When we think about Chinese holidays, Chinese New Years comes to mind first. And, it should. That's because Chinese New Years is by far the largest, most festive holiday of the year. While many of us refer to it as "Chinese" New Years, it is widely celebrated in Asia and also cause for celebration wherever people of Chinese descent can be found in the world. When you stop and think about the fact that about 1/3 of the world's population is of Asian descent, that's a lot of celebrating! There are of course several other national holidays and a wide variety of local and minority holiday dates.

Chinese New Years:

Chinese New Years, or Spring Festival, is extremely well documented on the internet. Our Chinese New Years main page is loaded with information, fun and games. Don't miss it!

This is the holiday westerners see and remember, with costume parades and brightly colored displays with red being the "in" color for this holiday. Firecrackers are also a big part of the holiday. In Hong Kong, tall sky scrapers will compete to be the best decorated, often colored with thousands of (Christmas) lights as displayed in the above picture.

In many Asian countries this is a national holiday. It is also celebrated in western countries(although it is not a national holiday), especially in cities with a sizable chinese population.

When is Chinese New Years?

  • Chinese Year 4715 - January 28, 2017. Sign: Rooster, a Yin year.

  • Chinese Year 4716 - February 16, 2018. Sign: Dog, a Yang year.
  • Chinese Year 4717 - February 5, 2019. Sign: Pig, a Yin year.
  • Chinese Year 4718 - January 25, 2020. Sign: Rat, a Yang year
  • Chinese Year 4719 - February 12, 2021, Sign : Ox, a Yin year
  • Chinese Year 4720 - February 1, 2022, Sign: Tiger, a Yang year
  • Chinese Year 4721 - January 22, 2023, Sign: Rabbit, a Yin year
  • Chinese Year 4722 - February 10, 2024, Sign: Dragon, a Yang year

Gift Giving:

Giving gifts is an important part of any holiday birthday or major event.

  A common gift is a little red envelope in which a small amount of money is enclosed.

Come and celebrate Chinese New Years!

Chinese Recipes - may we suggest:

Chinese Zodiac 2016:

The Chinese calendar is different from the Gregorian(or western) calendar which begins each year on January 1st and ends on December 31st. The Chinese calendar based upon the (lunar)cycles of the moon and as a result, starts on a different date each year, between January 21st and February 19th. The lunar calendar repeats over twelve years.

Each of the twelve years on the lunar calendar is designated with an animal. In good astrological fashion, the animal representing the year you were born defines much about your personality and characteristics. This Chinese Zodiac, like it's Western counterpart comprising the science of astrology(zodiac signs) and horoscopes, it even goes so far as to tell you best relate with or who you should marry.

The twelve animals and the year they represent are:

  • 2017 Rooster

  • 2018 Dog

  • 2019 Pig

  • 2020 Rat

  • 2021 Ox

  • 2022 Tiger

  • 2023 Rabbit

  • 2024 Dragon

  • 2025 Snake

  • 2026 Horse

  • 2027 Sheep

  • 2028 Monkey

Chinese Holidays:

Here are the holidays for 2017 for most businesses in Shanghai. Note, some may vary and it will vary by city and province.

January 1 New Year's day (Western)

February 6 - National Chopsticks Day
February 8 Chinese New Year
May 1 Labor's Day
May 2 Labor's Day Celebration

7th day of 7th Lunar Month - Chinese Valentine's Day or Daughter's Day

15th day of 8th Lunar Month - Chinese Moon Festival
October 1 National Day
October 4 National Day Celebration
October 5 National Day Celebration

More Information:

Holiday Insights has extensive information and lots of links.

How to Grow Bamboo -  Lucky bamboo is easy to grow.

Garden Holidays


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